Call to Action

Equitable and nondiscriminatory contributions: All providers of telecommunications services should make an equitable and nondiscriminatory contribution to the preservation and advancement of universal service.

- 47 U.S.C. 254

Today, certain U.S. regulatory programs unfairly discriminate against providers of international telecommunications services.

Inequities in the administration of the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) program by the Universal Service Administrative Corporation (USAC) subject international telecommunications providers to disparate regulatory treatment and financial strain.

The unfair, inequitable, and discriminatory treatment of International Telecommunications Companies must be stopped.  

Our Vision

The Ad Hoc Coalition of International Telecommunications Companies ("ACITC") is a grassroots organization comprised of both U.S. and non-U.S. corporations, including prepaid calling card providers, international transport carriers, and a broad spectrum of entities engaged in the provision of wholesale communications services.

ACITC is a committed voice for telecommunications regulatory reform. Our primary goal is to bring equitable relief to companies providing international telecommunications service in the United States.

The ACITC supports a sustainable, effective Universal Service Fund that meets the goals of assuring affordable telephone service for all Americans.  But the ACITC also believes the Fund should be fair and non-discriminatory to all participants, as Congress envisioned. 

Join Us

The ACITC is organized and represented by The CommLaw Group, a law firm dedicated to representing the telecommunications, communications, Internet, VoIP, and information technology industries. 

For specific details on membership, participation and support, please contact Jonathan S. Marashlian at

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