About Us

The Ad Hoc Coalition of International Telecommunications Companies ("ACITC") is a grassroots organization comprised of both U.S. and non-U.S. companies, including prepaid calling card providers and wholesale telecommunications service suppliers.  Our goal is to bring equitable relief to providers of international telecommunications service offering service in the United States.

The ACITC is not beholden to the interests of any single member or group, but by the common cause shared by all members.  The ACITC represents a clear, unified voice for international telecommunications service providers ready to fight for fair and equitable treatment under the law. 

The ACITC is organized and represented by The CommLaw Group, a law firm dedicated to representing the telecommunications, communications, Internet, VoIP, and information technology industries. 

The founding principles of the coalition are:

  • There is no obligation to become a client of The CommLaw Group, as no legal advice shall be provided and no confidential/privileged information must be shared in the furtherance of the coalition’s goals;
  • There is no obligation to disclose the names of coalition members and we will not do so (disclosure is entirely within the discretion of each voluntary member);
  • There is no obligation to contribute either to the initial Petition for Declaratory Ruling or future petitions, pleadings, or efforts related to the prosecution of the petition(s) or the coalition’s shared goals;
  • The coalition will accept voluntary contributions to offset costs, the amounts and frequency of donations is entirely within the discretion of each member;
  • The firm will poll members regarding future efforts, which may include filing Comments or Reply Comments in the pending proceeding, preparing additional petitions, and engaging in advocacy before the FCC. If future efforts are to be pursued, our firm will solicit contributions from the members;
  • No member is obligated to participate or contribute.

For specific details on membership, participation and support, please contact Jonathan S. Marashlian at jsm@commlawgroup.com.

For general information, please submit inquiries to: