ACITC Files Third Petition with FCC Addressing USF Inequities

The Coalition filed its Third Petition with the FCC to highlight inequities in USAC's administration of the Universal Service Fund which are particularly problematic and costly for participants in the international telecommunications industry.  The focus of the Coalition's Third Petition is squarely on the Carrier's Carrier Rule ("CCR").  

The Coalition petitions the FCC to immediately suspend all enforcement of the CCR.  Concurrent with the suspension of the CCR, the Coalition requests that the Commission open a rulemaking proceeding to evaluate the variety of deficiencies associated with the CCR which have previously been identified by a wide swath of industry participants.  Finally, within the context of an open and inviting rulemaking proceeding, the Coalition pleads with the Commission to develop a simple, uniform, and easily administered carrier-to-carrier USF exemption process, inclusive of a standard USF Exemption Certification Form.

The full ACITC Petition can be found here.

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