File Comments

Because affordable telecommunications is vital to everyone, we encourage all interested parties to voice thier opinions about FCC policy and regulations. The best way to do this is to file comments with the FCC.

  • How do I file a comment with the FCC?

The FCC accepts comments filed electronically or on paper. For convenience, We suggest that parties interested in submitting comments to the FCC file electronically.

To submit comments to the FCC, go to the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS). This page contains instructions on how to use the FCC’s system. To file comments in a Docket, click on the Submit a Filing located on the upper right menu.

The comment submission page contains a cover sheet form for identification information and a form to either upload a document or file brief comments. Comments longer than a page should, if possible, be converted to a pdf file format before being uploaded. Submission of the comments is completed by pressing either the “Send attached file to the FCC” button (for uploaded comments) or “Send a Brief Comment to FCC” (for typed-in comments). When the filing is completed, ECFS will generate a receipt that serves as proof of filing.

Comment can also be filed by email or by regular mail. Commenters who wish to use either of these submission methods should visit the FCC’s “How to Comment” webpage for further instructions.  

  • What happens to my comments once they have been filed?

Review of the comments is a key part of the FCC’s decision-making process in rulemakings. The Commissioners and the agency staff will consider the facts, data, and arguments made in the comments as the FCC decides whether the existing rules should be changed and, if so, how they should be refashioned.

Submissions that provide detailed facts, data and/or economic analyses are particularly useful.

  • How can I find out what other commenters have said?

The FCC’s ECFS not only provides a mechanism for filing comments, it also allows members of the public to find submissions filed in the docket and download particular documents for review and printing.

Interested parties who wish to reply to comments filed by others, or to simply monitor the submissions that the FCC receives in this proceeding, generally use ECFS. To obtain electronic access to particular documents filed in the proceeding, use Search for Filed Comments. This link will take you to a search form that you must fill out in order to download any submission.

Although you do not need to fill in all the boxes in the form to access documents, at a minimum, you must type the docket number – 06-122 (the Docket where ACITC comments are generally filed) – into the "Proceeding" box.

More details on how to use ECFS is available at Getting Started with the Electronic Comment Filing System.

  • What happens if I miss the official deadline for comments or reply comments?

Although the FCC encourages interested parties to strive to file their submissions by the reply comment deadline of January 16, 2007, the FCC has taken procedural steps to allow for the input filed after that date. Late-filed submissions—known in FCC legal parlance as “ex parte communications”—will be placed in the rulemaking docket and considered along with material submitted earlier.

  • How will I know when the FCC has reached a decision?

Because this is a “rulemaking of general applicability,” the FCC will not individually notify each commenter as to when the agency reaches its decision. Instead, we encourage interested parties to check our website periodically for updates. We will post news about developments there promptly.

You can also provide us with your contact information, we will keep all members, supporters, endorsers and interested parties informed of the FCC’s decision.